The Benefits of Storing Your Excess Money a Savings Account

  A large number of people find that once their income increases, they have no use for the extra money. While in some cases they may spend it on expensive creature comforts and premium devices, finding the best way to make the most of their increased income can be difficult. When an individual earns more

Why Are Money Lending Apps Becoming More Popular Than Banks?

  Money lending apps are still a somewhat recent development of online banking services, however, they are gaining popularity at an impressive rate. At this point, approx. 10 new money lending apps appear on the Apple Store and Google PlayStore every year, most of which gain a large userbase in the first 2-3 months. In

How to Turn a Money-Lending App Debt into a Regular One?

  Online money-lending apps and services have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. While they were initially simple websites, these platforms have now migrated to the Apple Store and the Google PlayStore and are easier to use than ever. Although the apps were initially considered a novelty, they have amassed enough popularity

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